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Frequently Asked Questions

Our purpose is to help people worldwide have a chance to learn any digital products. We buy learning materials from the sale page, then resell them at a better price. Additionally, we formed GroupBuy to support those who don't have strong financial support to afford the original cost.When coming to GDucky, you have peace in mind with our payment gateways, including PayPal and Credit Card. Between them, PayPal has strong buyer protection that you can implement transactions or refund easily and quickly.

After receiving your payment, our server automatically generates the links to Download in My account. At the same time, the system immediately sends the links to your email address. Since it is a digital copy, my suggestion is to download and save it to your hard drive.In case the link is broken for any reason, please notify us to receive a new link.

We accept several types of payments consisting of PayPal, and Credit cards. However, we strongly recommend making a payment through PayPal because it is the safest and super secure for you.

We have several promotions in a year, please check our website regularly and your luck will come. The standard discount offer is 15% - 20% off.When you are going to make a payment for 2-3 Products or mass orders, please contact us via email & skype us at [email protected]. We will provide a coupon code to get a better offer.

If you cannot find a particular product on the website, you can make a request.Then, we will post it on the website for everyone to vote. If the product gets enough attention, we will post it in GroupBuy so our customers can buy it at a better cost.We will contact you with more details about your request.

We have reviewed our product content before selling it. If there are any updates from the author, we will notify you when the author posts more.

If it is an Available, you will receive the download link immediately in the Download in My Account. You can also find the link in your email box.If it is a Pre-order or GroupBuy Product, you will get the link in the time on the product detail page.We will notify you when the link is ready to be sent to your email so that you never miss it.

All registration information and your email address are automatically encrypted and anonymous.We use our private server to send the download link to you. Therefore, it is safe and secured.

It is a YES and a NO.

  1. NO. Because we haven't got any approval from the author to be his affiliate website to sell his product.
  2. YES. Because we bought these products from the original sale page and there is no regulation that we cannot resell them.

Although it is a loophole, it creates an opportunity for us who don’t have strong financial support to afford the original price on the sale page. They will come to my site and buy these roducts for much cheaper price.We use our private server to send the download link to my customers. Therefore, all the information will be kept autonomous. We are safe and secure.